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      Prices shown for trainings represent a total for an entire class -- a minimum of 22 enrollees and a maximum of 55 enrollees, plus travel and per diem for the instructor. For example, a school or group may want to contract with us
for a 3-day training seminar or 20 inclass hours; the cost would be $3520 which equates to $160 per person, multiplied
times the minimum number of 22 enrollees. If a group or school doesn't have quite that many, the price is still the
same, but the cost would go up per person. If there were many more enrollees from the same school or group, the
cost would go down per enrollee. The cost of the seminar remains a constant. Tuitions from any enrollees above
the minimum of 22 accrue to the credit of the school or group and The Riggs Institute reserves the right to
add an additional five persons for a total of no more than 60 enrollees per class. Please call 1-800-200-4840 for
additional details. The one-day informational seminars can include any number of people your auditorium
can accommodate.
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The following include our information, training, tutorial and consultation services:

Item Name/Price
For Whom?

Audio-Taped/Visual Aid Overview

1 copy FREE,
Call, Write or
E-mail Us

An in-depth look at this curriculum and almost a full catalog of curriculum materials we publish, carry and recommend. Any teacher, parent, tutor, aide, adm. specialist interested in investigating other approaches to teaching complete language arts programs.

Evaluation Forms

  FREE 22pp. from website

Go To

A clear answer to finding out what is really between the covers of language arts curriculum being vended to our school systems Language arts curriculum committees, boards, curriculum and literacy directors, principals/ administrators.

Powerpoint Presentation

Find Under
FREE from our website

22 slides, with accompanying printed 'script', present a 25-minute explanation of the concepts, rationale and means of using our Writing & Spelling Road to Reading & Thinking curriculum. This requires a PC computer set up with Microsoft's Powerpoint software. For large groups, an appropriate CD projector would be needed. Anyone interested in finding out what this method is about and in showing it to others in a staff meeting, PTA or any other group setting
5-day (30 hours) Complete Training Seminar, Level I

$5280.00 +
Travel/per diem

No Image
A full one-week seminar to cover both the Intro and Advanced seminars. Suitable for those implementing the method, their supervisors and any other interested person

3-day (18 hour)?
Classroom Observation Workshop

$750.00/day + Travel/per diem

No Image
Or any number of days depending upon the number of teachers to be observed; debriefing after school plus, we recommend, one day for some advanced questions, etc. Suitable for those implementing the method, their supervisors and any other interested person
6 Semester Hour Correspondence Practicum (SAU)

Grad: $935*
Under-grad: $755*  

+ $176.85 pkg. of materials

for details. Prices are estimated and will depend on actual credit hour charges from Southern Arkansas University.

Train yourself via a correspondence coach as you teach in your own classroom (you can be classroom or remedial teacher, parent, tutor, literacy volunteer, etc.)

Riggs makes the instructor assignment, sends completion forms and any needed materials.

For anyone with at least one student to teach for a minimum of 6 month *(See application forms to download and fax to SAU)
Distance Learning


No Image
Under development ; (hopefully to be ready by 2004: Via online video and audio streaming, interactive voice, e-mail, phone and mail communications; using Prometheus software, sponsored by Southern Arkansas University, Dr. Donald Nelson, Prof. of Record. For anyone with at least one student to teach for a minimum of 6 months (the length of the class)

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