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An EQUAL and OPTIMAL educational opportunity through multi-sensory language arts.

Super Spelling Camps

Change Your Life and Opportunities
Learn the Basics You May Have Missed

At the 60-hour summer camp, we will teach:

  • Complete Phonetics for Spelling and Reading
  • Spelling Rules
  • Neat Handwriting
  • Thinking and Analyzing Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Sentence Writing
  • Reading Comprehension Skills

Our multi-sensory instruction addresses all learning styles: Tactile/Kinesthetic, Auditory, Verbal and Visual.

2018 Super Summer Spelling Camps (4-weeks, 60 hours)

Richland, WA

Who: 2nd Grade - High School
Where: Northwest United Protestant Church
1312 Sacramento Blvd
Richland, WA  99354
When: June 19 - July 19, 2018
Monday thru Friday
8:15am - 12:00 noon
Holidays Jul 4th - 6th

Registration and testing Monday, June 18th at 9:00am
Tuition: $400.00 for 60 hours
Materials: $50.00 per family.
Registration: For more information or to register, please see the
following brochure:

Richland, WA Brochure

All Learning Styles are addressed using the Rigg's Institute's multi-sensory method of instruction. In 60 hours of instruction, we teach: Complete Phonetics for Spelling and Reading: Spelling Patterns and Rules; Neat Handwriting; Thinking and Analyzing Skills; Listening Skills; Sentence Writing; and Reading Comprehension Skills.

Why study spelling?

Let us count the advantages of correct English spelling. . .

  • Correct spelling is the only means of 'mapping' human speech to standard book print for reading.
  • Correct English spelling is the basis of accurate and fluent reading, with comprehension.
  • Correct spelling establishes both phonemic and graphemic awareness, concurrently, when taught with Socratic instruction.
  • Correct English spelling encourages early, creative composition that teaches punctuation, grammar, reasoning, and the ability to concentrate on the point of the message.
  • Correct spelling taught with multi-sensory instruction addresses ALL learning styles, thus avoids discrimination.
  • Correct spelling taught with a mnemonic marking system and the application of 47 of the rules of English teaches analytical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Correct spelling, with emphasis on prefixes, suffixes and roots, aids vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Correct spelling eases a student's way into all of the "strands" of English because it is the only accurate basis for those strands.

Will this camp cure my child's spelling problem?

In 4 weeks it will help enormously by teaching the commonly used English spelling patterns (establishing phonemic AND graphemic awareness), cleaning up letter formation and learning the encoding process of about 150 words. This is along with spelling rules, the diacritical marking system and more. It will give your child the basis for understanding the problem, and thus inspire a long term "cure" through additional study. Some older children have achieved up to 4 grade level improvements in reading comprehension, though this is not the norm. It depends upon the child's previous problems and how much effort is put forth.

What Parents Are Saying about the Riggs Method

  • "My child was frustrated with school and would call himself stupid. Now, thanks to Riggs, he knows he can succeed." Debra, Beaverton, OR
  • "We have observed a radical improvement in our son's handwriting, spelling, reading, and academic self-confidence. The Riggs method is a no-nonsense systematic approach to literacy." Mark, Portland, OR
  • "My son was behind his peers; it was affecting his behavior. Now, thanks to Riggs, he is more confident, does his homework, and has a better attitude." Cindy
  • "The program includes the use of all learning styles. It has dramatic impact on the learner." Danae Miller, Aloha, OR
  • "Within two weeks, Austin's letter formation improved dramatically and his 'dyslexia' had all but disappeared. Over the next six months his improvement was steady. It wasn't until we started the Riggs program and taught him the phonograms and spelling rules that he made any real progress." K. M., Portland, OR
  • "The multi-sensory and logical approach really appealed to my child, who is strong in math, but very weak in reading and spelling." Cathy, Portland, OR
  • "If you've lost all hope and are sick of the labels, go to Riggs." Peggy Haskins, Portland, OR
  • "Riggs has proven to be the most effective spelling and reading program we have tried." Tammarie, Portland, OR
  • For more information please call:

(605) 693-4454