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Spelling Dictionaries now available!

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Audio Tape/Visual Aid "Overview" and full catalog available FREE upon request.

Online ordering coming soon!

An EQUAL and OPTIMAL educational opportunity through multi-sensory language arts.

Tutorial Network Referrals

We are happy to provide free referrals to qualified Riggs tutors throughout the U.S. We have no financial interest in these private businesses and assume no liability for the referrals.

Individual, Agency, School and Corporate Literacy Program Consultation Services

FREE phone consultations. Let us help you, your company, school or agency to a future with full literacy and rising test scores.

Super Summer Spelling Camps

Need a crash course to help kids get on track with whole language or other programs? We can help you set up a spelling camp by furnishing proven advertising copy, names of trained Riggs teachers in your area, tuition and materials suggestions, lesson plans, training, etc. References available from those who have done it!

FREE 3-Hour Overviews

Free 3-hour Overviews are available in some places. If you would like to host one of these in your school, organization, group, home, etc., please contact us. If you are responsible for language arts instruction for one student or many thousands, this is one of the best ways to make an informed decision about curriculum and training. Reading the paper "Phonetics, Spelling, Whole Language: How We Put Them Together for the Best of Both Worlds" is a first step. If a presenter is not available in your area, contact us for the following other options:

  • One-hour Digital Taped "Overview" with Visual Aids which is suitable for small groups, staff meetings, etc.
  • Audio CD Edition of the Revised Orton Phonograms with handwriting instructions. This is an excellent tool for adolescent and adult learners to teach themselves the English patterns with full multi-sensory instructional techniques. Anyone can learn.
  • Employment Referrals. This works both ways - if our Riggs-trained teachers are seeking employment, or schools want to employ a Riggs-trained teacher, aid or administrator.
  • Speaker's Bureau. Speakers are available at conferences, educational forums, radio and TV talk and interview shows. The Writing & Spelling Road to Reading and Thinking Riggs' representatives carry an "up-beat" message that America is beginning to solve their literacy problem and could win the "brain race" -- internationally -- via our method and motto, "An EQUAL and OPTIMAL educational opportunity through multi-sensory language arts."
  • Special Education, Learning Disabilities Information, Assessments and Recommendations. The research and experience of Dr. Hilde L. Mosse, M.D., former head psychiatrist for the New York City Board of Education, guides the Institute's recommendations in this area. Her last book, The Complete Handbook of Children's Reading Disorders, chronicles her nearly 100% success in teaching 1000 psychologically-disturbed and disabled patients to read using The Writing Road to Reading. She considered this 714-page, 2-volume work the capstone of her life's work, which included many other books on learning disabilities authored in both English and German. Some 51 pages tell why she felt that Spalding's The Writing Road to Reading (from which our program is partially derived) worked with her seriously-impaired patients -- from psychological, neurological and pedagogical perspectives. Using her guidelines from the first chapter of Volume 1, we have produced and published The Reading Acts Test, an individually-administered sub-skill observation assessment of what students do not know rather than what may be wrong with them. We have published a one-volume, unabridged paperback edition.
  • Dr. William Cruickshank, Professor Emeritus, Child and Family Health, Psychology and Education, University of Michigan, helped us to rename the book: You Can Prevent or Correct Learning Disorders. He enthusiastically endorsed Dr. Mosse's work saying:

    "It is unusual that a doctor of medicine has become an authority on the theoretical and clinical aspects of reading. Dr. Mosse illustrates that authority extensively and intensively. Her book is a compendium of significant information. It indeed could and should serve as a text for educational courses for teachers of children with learning disabilities as well as provide valuable insights for classroom and remedial teachers, parents, aides and others concerned with learning disorders. Here is a book by an author who knows her subject matter, who obviously knows disabled children and who understands appropriate intervention and prevention procedures.

    This book should be on the library shelves of every university and in the office of every professor of education, every superintendent, principal and disability specialist."

    "Mentor" Instructor Business Opportunities

    We have recently begun to build a network of "mentor" instructors worldwide. Their primary interest and qualification is their knowledge and experience to train others in this method. Their training includes theory, demonstration, practice, application and feedback. Some are also interested in other business opportunities involving this program including tutoring, operating remedial or special education services, and charter or umbrella schools for home teaching. They also vend our materials and enroll others in our correspondence course through Southern Arkansas University.

    Currently, we have mentor teachers in South Dakota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, California, Oregon, Indiana and Washington, and in the Yukon Territory and Alberta in Canada. To qualify you would need to use our instructional materials and have had successful experience in teaching the method. A promotional person and a trainer can apply together. If you feel you may already be qualified, please contact our director, Carolyn Knutson.

    Model School Proposal

    We're Seeking a Public School Business Partner

    We want to create a "model" elementary school, simulating average conditions in an inner city school with a part ethnic, at-risk student body. We propose using all of the best teaching methods, beginning with our language arts method, taught by trained teachers. We would like to then broadcast these classes nationwide via a high definition satellite.

    The purpose is to show what truly excellent instruction in the hands of properly trained teachers can produce - a picture being worth about 10 million words. There are already some exemplary "model" schools in the nation, but they are infrequently copied because few see what happens in them. This plan is detailed in a 50-page proposal we prepared for the New American Schools Development Corporation in 1992. We proposed nine core subject components (NASDC asked for five: language, math, history, geography and science). We added:

    1. early childhood development - to train, via satellite, the caretakers of young children in the nation's childcare facilities as a means of helping to prepare the children to come to school ready to learn.
    2. business to work preparation
    3. business and personal ethics, and family life
    4. an after school remedial and adult educational component

    We are inviting the interest of a business partner to help finance, broadcast and market this model product. The proposal is available for review to qualified inquiries.

    Mini (1 minute) Radio Broadcasts

    Plus Six Referral Telephone Messages

    We want to syndicate these messages (they'll keep people glued to your station), so we're working to locate a "celebrity voice"/syndicate partner who can introduce our messages and help us in distribution to ensure the widest possible coverage. With a truly legitimate program and life-changing messages, we think you will be able to see the differences immediately. The "samples" which follow are incredibly important "bytes" of literacy information for those who have not yet mastered English print. Ninety million functionally-illiterate adults (47% of all adults) can only access information through the voice media. There's a business opportunity here for someone who also has a desire to help this nation back to a place of full competition in the world marketplace. The proposed cover letter to radio stations and sample messages follow. The follow-up telephone messages answer pertinent questions for:

    1. Teachers looking for a "skills package" for their whole language programs
    2. Parents needing help with their children
    3. Adults who need help with writing, spelling, reading
    4. Explanation of the difference between old-fashioned phonics for pronunciation and phonetics for speech and spelling
    5. The history and experience of The Riggs Institute
    6. Research which supports our statements

    If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact us. We will send the copyrighted, complete production to qualified applicants.