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The items in this section are entitled The Writing & Spelling Road to
Reading & Thinking.
They are Riggs Institute publications and are essential
beginning tools because they form the "core" of our program. All except
notebooks & paper are non-consumable so may be used for 1 or 10,000 students.

The Riggs Institute is not responsible for the replacement or refund of materials purchased through any other site or marketplace. This includes, but is not limited to, Amazon.com, Alibris.com, e-Bay, and any other private seller. Such sellers are in no way affiliated with The Riggs Institute.

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Item Name/Price
For Whom?
Writing and Spelling
Road to Reading
and Thinking

Level I
Teacher's Edition


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378 pages with 160 daily lesson
plans cover teaching:
   listening, speaking, initial letter formation, complete phonetics, spelling (w/47 rules of spelling, plurals & syllabication), composition, reading, comprehension, grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary development, analytical and inferential
thinking + cognitive development in : auditory, visual, verbal, and motor areas of the brain.
Self training is included.
Kindergarten &
Grade 1 students or
anyone, of any age
or ability, who has
not learned the content of this
method previously.
The following 5 items are recommended to go with it.

Boxed Set of 71

w/instructions for use and
dictation script for
letter formation

Covers teaching the phonetic
structure of correct English
spelling and initial letter
formation, in 4 of the first
9 weeks of instruction at
Grade 1 level or at 1/2 that
pace for kindergarten students.
This is "explicit" phonics instruction (teaching the phoneme/grapheme relationshipsin isolation) using
multi-sensory, direct and
Socratic teaching techniques.
For ages 5-95 and
virtually all
students; primary
students (K - 3)
must have teacher
assistance. These
can be used alone,
but work well with
the tape below.
Audio CD
of 71

+ 47 Rules of
Plurals &

The 71 phonograms are
pronounced very precisely on
this audio CD along with the 47
spelling, plural and syllabication rules. The latter are used only when they are applied in spelling word instruction.
There is a legal-size paper insert fan folded inside the box. This has many teaching tips, some of which are also on the audio portion of this
This is a teacher
resource tool;
older students
might also use it,
but probably not
under 3rd grade.
Manual w/8-
year Course
of Study


Read Excerpt
This 99-page
manual guides the self trainer and study group training sessions as well
as our formal training seminars. The manual and our trainingrecommendations and practices follow the dictates of compiled
research (Joyce/Showers)
on this subject. This synthesis is also reprinted in the manual with permission of Educational Leadership.
For teachers,
parents, tutors,
aides, reading
professors -
anyone wanting to
study the method
seriously with a
desire to be able
to produce the
results intended
by the author.

Composition Notebook -3/8"rule
$2.50 each or $27/dz.

Composition Notebook -1/2"rule
$1.75each or $20/dz.

Practice Paper, - 3/8" rule
$14/ream $8/half ream

Practice Paper, 1/2" rule
$14/ream $8/half ream

These blank notebooks take the place of phonics,handwriting, reading,
comprehension, vocabulary,grammar and spelling workbooks or worksheets.
They have dotted middle lines as does the paper.

The correct matching
practice paper is important to optimal
results with this teaching process.
The 1/2" rule has an
extra half line between each line and has a clock face on each sheet.
Each ream has 500 sheets
of paper. Consumable.
One per year for
each student (3/8"
rule for the
teacher) K and
some special Ed
students use the

Grades 1 and up
use 3/8"


Wall Charts

Set of 24

24" x 34" - Large $85
11" x 14" - Small $38
Heavy laminate both sides;these duplicate a 3/8"notebook page and are usedwith students until they are able to take dictationwell enough to complete reference notebook pages
from teacher dictation. Use year after year - Non-consumable
One per year for
For K-1 classroom
teachers; essential
to proper teaching
of this method.

Individual &
small groups use
11" x 14".

Large charts are
available for
large classrooms.
12" vinyl ruler


Red pencil
Heavy laminate both sides;
Flexible; has phonograms and upper
& lower case letters on reverse sides

Black pencils should be #2, six sided; we carry the red ones only, which are used by the student, not the teacher
For all students.

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